Touchstone Dance

This is the emerging of the final track to be polished and shaped more after our next rehearsal on Wednesday.

Celebrating International Women’s Day at Touchstones, Rochdale 
The women of Rochdale have been rehearsing with choreographer, Ruth Jones, in Gallery Four of Touchstones, surrounded by the new exhibition, “But What If We Tried?”, opening this Saturday. They will be performing a new choreography, entitled, Dark To Light,  addressing the representation of women in art  #InternationalWomensDay  – 8th March at 7.30pm at Touchstones, formerly Rochdale Art Gallery #FREE but you need to book at this link:

This new work is accompanied with live music/ bassoon by Luke Crookes


my guess at the 6 you’re using

  1. 0. Dark
  2. slow morph click light (all pics) 
  3. 6. Two mystic chords (lady sitting)
  4. sentences into  Nigerian drums. (Maude) 
  5. 14. Ticking busy time sparkle quicker. (Flowers) masking identity.
  6. Abstract black and white. graphic road signs pic 7 or 8. Funky jolt beat.
  7. into bit from week 1 of tune with 8 counts music from week 1 (Abstract graphic picture) 
  8. 2 images Venice pic curves of wave, undulating out door, improvise mash up.












Dark to light less busy


track 6



dark to light without a beat

Dark to light prototype,

(its in three parts light – transition – dark)

transition begins about 1.24

light begins 3.20


here it is in three separate bits









its early stage, needs lots doing to it, and I can change anything. its not balanced or anything. you may not like the sounds or anything but I can change it.


















These sounds are extremely experimental, there is a long way to go, you may not like any of them and that is totally fine. You may want them faster or slower, or just a bit of one of them. You may use recorded music and show me things you like and we can develop from there. I have to go through many trials and errors before things start to shape. I need to sleep on these and I’ll wake and probably change them all but this first post just gets me going.


8 slow beats that you did your activity to last week.

slow chords that you popped up from the floor to

My first idea for the lady portrait with the red background

The flowers. its quite messy but something may come tomorrow.

The Venice water piece. Not sure what I’m doing but I’ll sleep on it. I’m not keen on the high sounds.

First very abstract vocal improvisation response

warmups and activities on this page.

To mark International Women’s Day the women from the Kneebone dance project will be creating a new piece of movement, drawing on our collection and commenting on the representation of women in the art world.

Free event.  Booking required.

A Celebration of Women & Art

Women, join an International Women’s Day dance project? I am choreographing a work, re women in art, Touchstones, Rochdale- free -reh: 6-8pm Feb 6/13/27 & Mar 6 ( + feb 16 @ 12 to 4pm) Perf: 7.30pm on Mar 8th @luke_crookes composing/playing bassoon live:…

Flat to 3D. Pop up. 


Rising phoenix.



Get in touch with ideas or leave feedback below