Tuning In

Tuning In is a monthly themed session using music and food inspired by the local area, Moston Brook & Rochdale Canal.

The idea is to inspire conversation and easy going (optional) activities to tune in to our bodies, each other and nature, all in the spirit of having a good time together.

My name is Luke and I lead the sessions. I am a musician,  bassoonist and workshop leader.

So far we’ve had three sessions based on the themes of: Change, Dark Nights and Home & Hearth. It’s amazing what pops up in our chats.

Before each session, with the theme in mind, I find a local walking route and see what inspires me. I then use photos from the walk to find: songs, poems, stories, paintings & bassoon pieces to share in the session to inspire our chats and activities. I also bring a bit of nature inside and put it on the tables to connect us with the changing seasons.

Sessions start at 12 and finish at 2pm and we pause half way through for a lunch based on the theme.

What goes on in our sessions

Participation is optional, people are welcome to sit and listen. 

The session starts with gentle warm-ups and then we get into the activities using songs, poems, pictures, photos and percussion. Each section is about 10 minutes so it keeps things moving. 

For our theme on Dark Nights we had Steak & Ale Pie & peas. Thanks so much to Gemma. There is something lovely about exploring a theme and then eating food connected to that theme.

In the last half hour we create our own lyrics to a well known song and I put the lyrics on the big screen for everyone to singalong or listen.

The idea behind our sessions

The idea is to inspire our minds, bodies, imagination and creativity through music, song, poems, art and photos. The sessions are designed to be easy going but at times you may challenge yourself if you want to. 

The benefits

The benefits are very broad ranging. Everything we do from singing to gentle moving, to creativity stimulates our minds, bodies, imagination, creative expression, coordination and memory skills while being in a group. 

The great thing is, you can come along and just listen if you like, you still get many of these benefits by being with us..

And if you feel really inspired there are short exercises you can use on YouTube. And you could also go on the walking route for further inspiration. 

Everyone is welcome.