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Ad Hoc dance

“Thank you for last night. I really enjoyed it and found it very compelling……. a visual treat. Loved the bassoonist… music just adds that extra magic!! … I left feeling very uplifted!! “ ……..audience member Pauline Gibson


Five dances and visuals

Ad Hoc Dance presents

….an evening of 5 contemporary dances, created by the dancers with choreographer/artistic director Ruth Jones…….accompanied by live and recorded music, created by bassoonist, Luke Crookes…

Ad Hoc Dance is a community, contemporary dance company, open to anyone (18 years plus) enthusiastic about dance ( no previous experience required).

Ruth Jones
Dance Artist/Choreographer/Axial Dance

Bassoon and movement. All four feelings.

Practice tracks for the group

Gentle. Flowing (loops only)


Gestures(loops only)


Serenity flow optimism (loops only)


Down-fall (loops only)


Exploring. Down-fall, gentle-flowing, gestures, serenity-flow-optimism


Down-fall test ideas for backing track. Bassoon to be added


Vocal exploring (very soft and in the noticing way)

We can do a vocal exercise based on each feeling. Set up improvisations – 30 seconds playing with the essence of each feeling. Playing with shifting from inner world, on the breath to outer world group communication.We will have rules to shift between: Musical sounds. Emotional body sounds. Abstract sounds.


Ships that pass in the night



Gentle and flowing