Bassoon recital

Thanks to all the residents and staff at Sunrise Senior living in winchester, for having me in for a bassoon recital. We went on a journey through classical bassoon, orchestral and opera repertoire. Finishing with folk songs and musicals. Everyone was in fine voice!

The program


Classical repertoire 

  • Air on the g string 4/4 andante A major
  • Faure pavane 4/4 andante G –
  • Pachabel cannon 4/4 larghetto Bb Major 

Classical bassoon 

  • Dillon lament 3/4 andante F –

Opera. Bizet

  • Chanson boheme allegretto 4/4 D-
  • Habanera 2/4 D- to D Major 
  • O mio bambio 6/8 Andante ingenuo A Major 
  • Swan lake 3/4 andante grazioso D Major. 

Classical bassoon 

  • Vivaldi Slow mov 4/4 largehetto F Major


  • Beethoven. Ode to joy 4/4 allegro assai C Major. 
  • Dvorak. New world symphony. 4/4 largo C Major. 
  • The swan 3/4 andantino grazioso D major 

Classical bassoon 

  • Faure piece 4/4 Adagio, molto tranquillio E- to E Major. 

Folk song

  • Brahms lullaby 3/4 andante g Major 
  • Danny boy 4/4 Bb Major 

Musicals and popular

  • Oh what a beautiful morning. 3/4 moderate waltz Eb Major.
  • Besame mucho. 2/2 moderately D –
  • Some enchanted evening 4/4 moderately slow C Major