Paintings & Under 5s

Madame du Pompadour & identity

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Magic carpet workshops are for families and under fives, they last 30 minutes and explore a painting at the National Gallery.

We explored Madame du Pompadour and her tambour frame, and the Baroque period. We took the theme of identity as a starting point, referring to Madame du Pompadour and the things she liked to do and our names and the things we like to do.

10.30am workshop, relaxed performance.

How the music was developed


Below are two short recordings of our relaxed performances and the full sound recordings of both workshops.

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11.30am workshop, relaxed performance.


10.30am full workshop recording


11.30am full workshop recording

Through demonstration, participation, creativity & performance we explored:

Baroque music: tonality, chord patterns, scales, pulse, trills, turns & balanced melodic phrasing.

Concrete sounds: dog barking, shoes tapping,

Abstract sounds: sowing, pearl necklace, frills & flowers on dress, curves on furniture

Sounds in the painting

Imagining the workshop content through story

My first response the sowing