Baking & Music

Thanks to everyone who came to Powsowdie! Baking and music at @HeronMill We warmed-up our bodies and voices with egg stretches, polished our eggs whilst reminiscing stories from childhood, created a song, ate Easter breads, soup & sweets & tapped wooden spoons singing folk tunes.


Our song ‘Easter Memories’

In 62 to Westmorland we came,

In duck farm lane, we lived through the war,

Dad got a sugar egg, mum played pop,

Two —dolls, stood at the church door.

An ostrich laid a golden egg, and kindly, kindly  he did beg, 

To be drilled both ends like an African egg,

drilled both ends like an African egg,

Westmorland, Westmorland,

We looked for a hill, far and wide,

Westmorland, Westmorland,

to roll our eggs, down the side.