Community Cohousing

New Beginnings

OWCH creative music workshop

Performance ‘New Ground’

Created in a two hour workshop.

“How to interpret 18 years of struggle to establish a new form of collaborative living for older women?

Could it be put into words, sounds ?

An impossible task maybe.?

Yet the members of OWCH attacked this challenge with both apprehension and open minds, the challenge put to them in July by Luke Crookes, professional bassoonist and musical workshop experimenter.

Having first entertained us with his virtuosic, humorous display of the myriad sounds and styles the bassoon can create. we experimented with a soundscape illustrating our journey from its beginnings, fears, anticipation, through to inhabiting our beautiful new home.

We let go inhibition, nervous expectations to whooping it up at ultimate success, together with the highs and lows of the arduous journey, with practical impatient foot tamping to expressive welcoming arms, using our voices and hands to enhance the unique journey.

The mystery of interpretation of OWCH’s journey became a joyous recollection which was a quite different way of owning the feelings in which we normally express ourselves.”

Shirley Meredeen  


This is my free improvisation. It will become a bassoon piece I will perform at the start of the workshop. It is my response to the words:

Beginnings – new.

Communication – building.

Loss – constant – new.

It’s going well.

In the workshop we will start with the words and see where our responses take us.


Developing sound palette


Playing with vocal beginnings & breath

Playing and improvising on beginnings and building


4 sections developing

Here is a 12 minute film I did today 12th July. It is the creative seeds. I want you to be able to see how my responses and possibilities are emerging for the workshop. I will leave lots of space for your creativity. If you have any responses:

words, sounds, films, recordings, pictures etc do email them to me (contact field below) anything at all.

There is no need to prepare for the workshop as just turning up is enough but you are welcome to send anything as I design the framework of activities to help us create together

that’s all for now, film is below


Hello group,

I’m looking forward to meeting you all and our creative workshop.

This page will serve as a platform to share any ideas prior to the workshop.

I’m going to perform a ten minute piece on my bassoon. It’s about an alien called smudge who explores – form, order, labels and objects (more info to follow….)

There is a contact field below. If you have any ideas or inspirational moments do share them and I will include them in the plans.

Best wishes Luke