Hi. My name is Luke Crookes. I am a bassoonist, workshop leader & presenter. I work with museums, galleries, heritage sites, cultural institutions, SEND schools, schools, community groups & hospitals.

My workshops create space to invite participants to arrive in their body, voice and space. Releasing the body and voice without judgment.

Through leading, invitation and questions I make space to arrive, loosen up, play, explore, notice and express whatever arises in response to a theme/stimulus or whatever comes up for the group in that moment. There are no rights and wrongs. There are so many ways to experience our self and our world.

By taking time to arrive and remove judgments, all sorts of things can naturally connect, happen, unfold, express and create.


I trained as an undergraduate at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. I also completed the Guildhall School of Music leadership course and then an MA in orchestral playing.

As well as orchestral playing, I’ve been a member of the North Sea radio Orchestra for 15 years. North Sea Radio Orchestra is an English contemporary music ensemble and cross-disciplinary chamber orchestra.


“it’s the depth of thinking that goes into a moment, of true student centred learning, that can then appear to be so easy when it is facilitated so well (by you).” Collaborative workshop artist

“A very inspiring project that led to real creative freedom and an end result that was entirely the students.” Teacher, Candlebird Creative Composition Workshop, 2015.