Zoom. Adhoc Dance

Welcome to our Adhoc dance zoom page. Here you can take a look at our: performance, feedback, process and creative journey.

Our Performance

Audience feedback :

‘It was a really moving and engaging piece”

‘…just watched it again with …… and it’s even better on second viewing! I forgot to say yesterday that the heart beating sound made my own heart beat quicker! I loved the sunlight on one of the dancers and the hands near the camera too. Really good, and very moving. The medium of Zoom actually really helped create the right atmosphere of feeling trapped yet free, safe yet uncertain, disconnected and connected. Loved it! “

“I thought it was extraordinary to see everyone working together and to remind myself that everyone was working in isolation. The communication between you all was very powerful.

so wonderful to see live music being used within zoom sessions

‘Mesmerising, fascinating details, playing with proximity to the camera, really loved this. Well done Ad Hoc CD”

“Wow, amazing to see this type of creative collaboration going on via zoom, dance and music

“Just watched the Ad Hoc piece, cocoon, absolutely brilliant, really captures a sense of isolation in our own spaces, the music and movement express a beautiful heightened sense of emotion.“

“so great,  a layered and emotional entanglement of solos together apart“

I can relate to all of that! Even though I was only relatively isolated. Very poignant.

I actually loved the colours in the individual spaces, subtle pinks, lilacs, yellows, different shapes playing off each other. The stunning screen. And the overall composition of the different spaces, the lines, of corners of rooms, windows, doorways . . . . and how they connected and disconnected across the screen, so good!

Towards the end, with the recording bird song,I’m in my shed, and the blackbird in my garden must have been listening because he is now in full song!

What a beautiful visual metaphor for being isolated, alone, but together.

Beautiful! One thing that struck me as I watched it was that each of the participants seemed to have their own colour… literally the light in their individual spaces and what they were wearing, quite a remarkable coincidence that they should each be different and really cool to see it so clearly in the separate boxes on the screen!


Participant feedback:

This is amazing! You have no idea how deep this has gone for me to work with my extreme lockdown experience! Take it into movement and music with the so very talented Ruth and Luke, and be part of Ad Hoc! Deeply touched!

I just wanted to say how much joy this project has brought into my life – and sparked off creativity again after such a reduced life in lockdown! To be part of Ad Hoc from afar has been a great privilege.
I was able to weave my extreme lockdown experience into this.

Really appreciate your guidance and support with our project – very special.

It’s fab! Amazing to be part of this!


WOW this is outstanding ….love it …congratulations to Luke and all of you who joined him in his music worksop to make this happen / create a unique piece of music in this unique moment in time.

Wow – I just watched it again. It is so very moving and the whole creative process of getting there in music and movement was so transformative! Thank you with all my heart. And to be able to work with Ad Hoc from a distance in my case has been a true honour. I have missed you all. 


Some of the process

We spent 4 dance sessions and 3 music sessions on zoom exploring the theme of isolation.

The final track. On the performance I will add live bassoon and vocal sounds

Here is the latest track (14th June) I have tided up the end.


The end needs sorting and I will add live bassoon and vocal sounds but this gives you something to work with at home.

A trial run

I will work on today’s track in the next few days and put it on here.

Here’s the order

Isolation  – a new Zoom work( 7 mins 30 seconds long) : 
2 minutes: Cocoon ( 2 x Unison and then own material
hold still till breath music comes in
1 minute: in breath and phrase x 2
1 minute: measuring distance
1 minute : restricted movement ( walk heel /toe to get there …cocoon material)
Word association:
20 seconds: bubble
20 seconds: frustration
20 seconds: fragility
1 minute: cocoon ( own phrase repeated0

30 seconds: breath ( a repaeted breathy movement which gets smaller and smaller to stillness AS the music fades

THE END !!!!

I will now create a rough track in the next day or two and post a recording on here that fits these timings.


Previous weeks.

Here is an MP3 of our track that is emerging over the sessions. I haven’t recorded the bassoon onto it yet.


Each week we gradually created the track in Logic music program recording, editing, reviewing etc.

Music session 1 online.

I’m going to do zoom sound sessions before each dance session for anyone who wants to join in the creation of the sound tracks  etc. The zoom meets will be relaxed and you can simply listen in if you like. You also have the mute buttons if you want to try sound but would rather the group not hear or see you. Joining in will be by invitation with no pressure to do anything if you’d rather listen. On the other hand if you want to do and add loads, you’re very welcome. Both ways to do it are absolutely fine. There is no commitment to do all the sessions, just bob in for a bit and then bob off if you like. Join half way though and see what’s going on if you want.



Each session will be 1 hour.

Warm-up. 10 minutes.

Sharing and gathering ideas. 20 minutes.

Creating. 20 minutes.

Warm-down. 10 minutes.

Time of Zoom sound meeting. Two options.

I’m going to suggest either 6.30 – 7.30 Monday or 6.30 -7.30 Tuesday? If you think you might pop in could  you email me back to say of one or both of these times suits you and we’ll see where we get with that. Or put other time suggestions if you’d really like to check it out but those times don’t work.


I have set a webpage up where we can post the piece as it develops over the next 3 sessions.


Music session 2 outline

You’re very welcome to join in exploring and creating the sound tracks. You can simply sit in and listen if you’d rather not make sound. 

Things to tap
If you have time could you get a few bits and bobs to tap. Pen. Stick. Knife, fork, cup or anything else you can think of that might make a variety of sounds. It’s for the measuring piece. So we can create rhythms.
Also, if you have an iPhone could you download this metronome app. Or if you have a metronome at home can you bring it.
Here is an MP3 of our track emerging. It’s a creative process so it’s not finished but something is coming. You can listen to the MP3 in the email or click the website link below.
Music session 3 outline


Here is the latest version of the track. I have tided up the end. It’s on webpage or MP3 below.


Zoom editing and embodying

Also on Tuesday at 6.30 I will do a zoom music. This session will be an opportunity for you to look at the final layout of the track and make edit suggestions, we can do a few bits together.

The other thing we can do is explore the different moods of each section and listen together for a moment so the music gets even more in your body and mind.

Before the workshops started I explored at home in very free improvisation to see what came up for me when being with the experience of isolation.  And we had a trial run on zoom with Liz, one of Adhoc’s members.

These themes came up for me

– [ ] Coronavirus over view.

  • [ ] Collapse. Shock.
  • [ ] Self soothing
  • [ ] Feedback argument. Over thinking.
  • [ ] Community. Neighbourliness.
  • [ ] Peace and space
  • [ ] When will it be over?
  • [ ] Back to normal.


I tried being with my bassoon and evoking the atmospheres