Adhoc Dance at The Whitworth

Ad Hoc community dance with choreographer Ruth Jones & bassoonist Luke Crookes, responding to the Art in The Whitworth Gallery park. We explored earthy slabs, faceless statues, trees, frames and Inca inspired sculptures. 

A note about the music:

The main aim was to be present with the performers in the essence of the ‘now’ rather than accompanying them in a traditional music performance sense. The vocal and bassoon sounds made are specifically produced in a guttural way try to inspire embodied sounds.


From April 5th to to ‪May 24th‬ on Thursday eves ‪6.30pm to 8.30pm‬, we will be resident at The Whitworth art gallery, responding to art in the park. We will be creating a new outdoor choreography for performance, ‪on May 24th‬ , in partnership with the Whitworth.
Music specially composed and played by bassoonist, Luke Crookes…..and directed and choreographed by myself with the participants.



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