Paintings & Autism

Explore it! Turner

Explore it! are workshops in schools and at the National Gallery for children on the autistic spectrum.

Art, music, sound and autism

The Fighting Temeraire

1839, Joseph Mallord William Turner

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Joseph Mallord William Turner, 1775 – 1851 The Fighting Temeraire tugged to her last berth to be broken up, 1838 1839 Oil on canvas.

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Music, Art and Autism. Workshop ideas.


School visit 11-12.30

Looking at the picture  & observing students. Use whiteboard & posters. Ideas are below.

Making sounds. Language. Music improvisation social interaction

Make a chorus. Story. Imagination

Record our soundscape


In-between the workshops

Transitional song and presentation to help transition to the gallery

Presentation to keep exploring the painting before visit


Breath flag
Moon high sound quiet
Sky open eyes swhooo
Ffffff fwwww aaaaaaa steam funnel

Sails do so legato minor
Happy ghost boat pirate ship

Circle chhooo

Knee kne
Chest chest
Voice chooo
Ffffff fwwww aaaaaaa steam funnel

I can see People on the top of the big old ship
I can see the ghost boat
They’re pirates
They’re pirates
Asa haaar

I can see sunshine
Makes me feel happy

I can see the sea
Her name is maria


National Gallery Wednesday 1 November 

1000-1115 Gallery

Visiting the picture. Add instruments to our soundscape

1115-1130 Break
1130-1230 Workshop space

Drawing section. Sound equivalents for colours.

Oils sunset

Listen to soundscape.