Music, sound, creativity and performance are great tools to create interactive, sensory, communicative spaces where all participants can flourish and express their personality and individuality in their own way. Using my bassoon, voice and electronics I create immersive sensory soundscapes, stories, projects and performances.

Sensory soundscape stories

Sessions last one hour but can be as long as you like.  I have a list of pre-existing sensory stories or you can create your own story on a theme of your choice.  Students and staff are immersed in a sensory story through music, sound, creativity and improvisation. Together we explore the different qualities, energies and textures in the story. Throughout the session I make moments for interaction, participation and the weaving in of everyone’s creative ideas. Sessions begin and end with a song to allow us to arrive and signal the session is finishing.

Soundscape projects and performances

Over a series of sessions we create our own soundscape together, taking time to develop the ideas, and making space for everybody’s voice and ideas. The soundscape serves as a vessel to hold our performance that we interact with and express through. Participants voices are composed into the soundscape and we use live sounds, voice, singing, movement and instruments. Projects can lead to a performance or sharing, or they can be stand alone creative experiences. After the project I leave you with the electronic soundtrack for further use; participants can take the tracks home to use with their family and staff can use them in class.


I also collaborate with artists, dancers, museums, heritage sites and galleries, creating projects that combine art-forms to create engaging, interactive, creative experiences that bring art, objects and spaces to life in a new way.

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A few projects

Demonstrate dance

Sounds of The City – The Museum of London.

Sense It! – Tintoretto sensory story. The National Gallery.